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Soups, dressings, confits
and spices

Eat healthy, eat fresh

100% natural, no conservators or chimicals used
100% fresh products

SAFINE plc gives you a lot of flavours BioGo, a magic touch in seasonal products. Exceptional recipes full of  extravagant tastes in several and various ranges;  Soups & veloute, Breakfast (chocolate, jam, honey) and Vanilla. The firm produces home-made products  with single scents full of originality,  while respecting the health of their customers, it creates organic products, acticoa or still probiotics, without any use of preservatives, neither food colouring nor chemicals. 




  Tel : +32 0(2)378 06 80 


Fax : +32 0(2)331 16 91



Vorstsesteenweg 76, 


1601 Ruisbroek, België

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